Easier to speak in public now

I had a large conference coming up plus my neighbor Pete was going with me… The two of us both had to speak plus were worried about it.

I called Pete later in the afternoon and insisted he stay with me while in the conference period, however I had to do a few things to make sure the guest bedroom was in great shape.

I went to the town and obtained a few things, including some towels, shampoo, scented candles, plus rugs, and my goal was to make the experience memorable for him. I also wanted to make our distraught conference day a little nicer, plus, this was a chance to test out an idea of renting out the spare room in our house for a few afternoons stay, but while I was in town I came across a new marijuana dispensary and was quite happy. I’d wanted some CBD oil for sleeping issues so I went inside. My neighbor had said he didn’t mind if I got him some edibles, he knew the weekend was arriving, plus we’d spend a fantastic amount of time by the pool in my home! The cannabis dispensary was quite stocked with a wide array of marijuana products. The budtneder then came over plus I started chatting about the conference… Did you know that cannabis can help cut down on anxiety? The budtender recommended a marijuana infused mouth spray. He said that Pete plus I could take a few hits before the presentation plus guess cool as cucumbers. The guy was correct. It was way easier doing a speech a bit high.
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