Had something to do after all

Being on a getaway turned out to be quite a great experience.

It was sprinkling for the entire week, which meant I couldn’t go to the beach.

I thought the getaway was going to be a terrible time. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was more to do in my getaway than sit on a beach. My first goal was to lounge at the beach, drink booze plus relax, but you can’t do that in the rain. I found a travel guide and started walking through the area. I found clothing stores, bars plus cute shops to visit. I had a spa day, got my hair trimmed and nails done plus even took a fitness class class. I found a single of the museums I’d ever seen. The building itself was a job of art, plus there was so much to learn. The guides were so nice plus attentive since there weren’t a ton of people there. I got to spend the whole day exploring the cool exhibitions. It was still raining when I left, so I walked around plus found a local cannabis cafe. It wasn’t on the travel guide. I could see that the venue sold a wide range of edibles plus other cannabis products. I liked indulging in pot brownies back home, however I tried out some new marijuana products this time. The weed shop had a dab bar, vape lounge plus all sorts of edibles. It was fun knowing I could get high plus not worry about driving house or getting up the next day. I spent quite a bit of time with the cannabis products plus chatting with the budtender.
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