Had to make sure the pot store was in great shape for the owner to see

I have been employed by a reputable recreational plus medical marijuana shop for the past numerous years.

I sincerely was lucky to start at the dispensary when the place opened so long ago. I worked pretty hard to receive several promotions plus I am now the day manager with keys to the store… The owner of this recreational plus medical marijuana shop has three additional stores in the valley. The owner doesn’t come often to visit unless there is a problem. The owner decided to visit this past week and we only had a couple of days to get ready. The cannabis shop was a real mess plus the storeroom was cluttered with numerous cannabis products. The night time manager plus I worked all day plus all night to prepare the store for the owner’s visit. We balanced the books plus cleaned the office. We organized all of the medical plus recreational marijuana products plus totally cleaned the storeroom. By the time the day arrived, we were actually prepared. I wasn’t the only person disappointed when the owner called to cancel the surprise visit. She honestly planned to be in the neighborhood for another event, but the event was easily cancelled plus she made the choice to use the day for other things. We put a lot of time into getting the cannabis shop ready for her visit plus she cancelled in 5 minutes. It’s not especially easy to be disappointed, because we didn’t have the stress of a visit. It still would have been fantastic for her to see the store in wonderful shape. We definitely worked hard to make it look beautiful plus we didn’t get any credit.

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