I need a topical for my chronic pain

I did cheerleading all throughout highschool and college.

I was always the flyer and main tumbler for the squad.

Accidents happen and I have been dropped a time or two. My falls weren’t pleasant and resulted in some injuries. There was never time for me to sit back and heel. I just had to push through the pain because there was alway sa competition up and coming. Now that I am graduated and no longer need to be tossed in the hair or perform multiple back handsprings, I am in pain. I have neck, shoulder and knee pain everyday. I wake up in the morning super stiff and I have to stretch. Throughout the day everything tightens up and it is hard to sleep at night. Stretching, a massage, chiropractor appointment and even popping pain pills haven’t really helped. A buddy of mine told me about cannabis. Apparently the number one reason people go into the cannabis dispensary is for chronic pain relief. Cannabis can reduce the inflammation on the injury. It can almost give you a numb feeling. At first I used the excuse that I didn’t want to be high. Apparently CBD doesn’t get you high and that is all I need. Then I said I didn’t want to smoke weed. I can get a topical that is just like a powerful icy hot. Now I can only blame myself. I need to get down to the legal weed store and pick up some cannabis cream. I need to see if there is any difference in my pain levels at all. It would be nice to have something I can put on my sore areas.