I went to the marijuana dispensary for recreational marijuana.

I never let my parents know that I used recreational marijuana because it was illegal back then. I never showed up at my parents when I was high because I wanted them to be proud of me. I had made a good life for myself and a great home for my family, but I still used marijuana for recreational purposes. When I came home from work at night I would hang out at the picnic table. The kids would be in bed and my wife would be watching her favorite rom-com, while I would be relaxing from my day with a big marijuana cigarette. My wife knew I smoked and she never said a word. Often she would join me and have a few puffs herself if she had a bad day with the kids. When we found out they had legalized recreational marijuana I was thrilled. I knew I would be able to get my marijuana at the local marijuana dispensary. For one more month I had to wait until recreational marijuana was fully implemented, but it wouldn’t be long. I couldn’t wait to walk into a marijuana dispensary and see all the different marijuana products. I would finally be able to join in when they had the marijuana celebrations. My sister told me they had some amazing sales at that time, and it was usually on the expensive marijuana strains. My wife told me she wanted to go with me when I went to the marijuana dispensary. She thought it may be cool to have a vape pen for when she felt the stress beginning to build.


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