It can help out a lot of issues

My Grandmother is 71 years old.

  • She lived close by after my mother made her move.

Before, Grandmother was in a rural section that was quite isolated. It wasn’t that bad to have her there since the two of us had a venue to visit while on the long school holiday in summer. The section was so nice with clear views plus dogs to look after. Plus, Grandmother had assistance, so she wasn’t all alone. However, some years later, my Grandmother couldn’t keep up with things. So she had to move. Now she lives closer to me plus I am a firm believer in recreational weed. My Grandmother fell one day plus had some pain in it. Though her hip healed, it still felt tender, especially while in winter. So Grandmother wanted to take CBD oil to ease the pain, and a neighbor of hers was using CBD products for his condition plus advocated Grandmother try it out. CBD is great since it doesn’t have any trace of THC, which makes someone high. I took her to the cannabis dispensary and chatted with a budtender. They recommended that my Grandmother vape a cannabis oil that does have a bit of THC. Not only would it stop inflammation in her hip, but would help her arthritis too. People have even said they have an easier time resting at night as well. My Grandmother was happy to be able to get cannabis that would help with all these complications. Thankfully our state allows for recreational weed. It was an easy grab and go process however with a good cashier this time.


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