Not happy about the new roommate situation

My roommate and I have had an empty third room in our condo for a good amount of time.

We honestly had an additional roommate for a little while, however the guy moved out and the two of us didn’t rent the room until not too long ago.

My roommate met a guy at his place of work that needed a room. I honestly didn’t think much about the guy and I wasn’t particularly ecstatic that my roommate made the decision without fully consulting me ahead of time. I came to the condo from my task one morning and the room was actually occupied. My roommate argued that this would save us a couple of hundred dollars each week with the rent. I couldn’t complain really, because the guy had already moved into our apartment. Three weeks ago, the new guy lost his task and he has been unemployed, and rent is due very soon and I don’t know how he is planning to cover what he owes. The other day I came to my condo from my task early and I saw the guy lurking around my bedroom. I am almost certain he was taking marijuana from my room, although I can’t be sure about that. I had a tote of marijuana next to my bed and I thought the tote was rolled up nice and tight… When I walked into the bedroom though, the tote was already open. It’s not easy to tell if there was any marijuana missing or not, however everyone in the condo smokes weed and this guy is the only one who is not actually working. I decided not to confront him because we certainly will need to ask him to leave next week when he will not be able to pay the rent on time.


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