Not very pleased with my new roommate

My roommate as well as I have had an empty third room in our residence for a while.

We actually had an additional roommate for a stretch of time, but the guy moved out as well as the two of us didn’t rent the room until more recently… My roommate met a guy at work that was looking to have a room.

I definitely didn’t know much about the guy as well as I wasn’t really happy that my roommate made the decision separate from fully consulting me first. I came home from work a single day as well as the room was easily occupied. My roommate argued that this would save us a fairly good amount of money every month. I couldn’t complain much to be honest, because the guy was already living in our place. Three weeks ago, the up-to-date guy lost his job as well as he has been out of work entirely. Rent is due in a short while as well as I don’t truly know how in the world he is planning to cover his portion. Yesterday I came home from work early as well as I saw the guy heading out of my room, my personal space. I am sure he was taking marijuana from my room, although I can’t prove it. I had a basket of marijuana next to my bed as well as I thought the basket was tucked away neatly. When I walked into my room, the basket was completely open. It’s tough to tell if there was any marijuana missing or not, but everyone smokes weed as well as this guy is the only person separate from a job. I decided not to confront him because the two of us will most definitely ask him to leave soon enough when he can’t cover his rent.
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