The dispensary offers delivery to several local addresses

Medical cannabis has been legal in this state for 15 years, but recreational cannabis was only legalized a few years ago.

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, the prices on medical products have significantly dropped.

The dispensaries carry a lot more products now and they have a variety of options. I remember the first time I went to a legal recreational cannabis store, because it was a lot different than a medical dispensary. The place had a thousand different cannabis products and the walls looked like a candy store. It’s still hard to pick my favorite product from the medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. Now that most places offer delivery, I can order cannabis from several different vendors. My favorite dispensary recently started to offer delivery to several local addresses and that includes my apartment. The dispensary is not located in this town, so delivering to the area is a really big deal. They charge a small fee if you don’t spend $100 on cannabis products, but there is no card for delivery if you meet that threshold. Every Friday night, my roommate and I go online and place our delivery order. It is just as easy as ordering a pizza with pepperoni and sausage. We even received a phone call when the driver leaves the store, so they can confirm my delivery and give me a total for the order. A few of my friends live outside the delivery range and they have to drive to the store. I consider myself lucky to qualify for the awesome delivery program.

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