The marijuana dispensary is my favorite place to window shop.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but my favorite type of shopping is window shopping.

I can’t afford to go into the stores and buy everything I want, but I can certainly look in the windows and dream I was able to shop there.

Lately, I have put the marijuana dispensary on my list of favorite places to window shop. The marijuana dispensary puts up a display of all their sale items. They have beautiful background pictures of people who are active and feeling their best. One afternoon, I was hanging out in front of the display window at the local marijuana dispensary. One of the people who worked there came out to talk to me. She said they had noticed me hanging around quite often and asked if I wanted to come in. I told her I couldn’t afford to shop in the marijuana dispensary and that I didn’t have a marijuana card. She thought I was considering coming in and putting in an application for a job. I didn’t know anything about marijuana, and I told her I was just admiring the beautiful window displays that went up every week. She thanked me since she was the one who did the work, but she wished they had someone to help her. I took a deep breath and walked inside the marijuana dispensary. She helped me fill out the application and told me I could come to the store everyday and use their computer to take the classes I needed to work there. I couldn’t believe I would also get a discount on anything I wanted to purchase in the marijuana dispensary.

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