The online order cart was down all morning because of the sale

The week of 420 is always busy for cannabis and marijuana dispensaries.

  • 420 for April 20th, is known to be a holiday that stoners celebrate.

Stores and shops prepare for the holiday by doubling up on stock and creating specials and prize giveaways to attract customers to the store. I was excited for the holiday this year, because April 20th was on a Saturday. The holiday rarely falls on a weekend day and my friends and I planned to take advantage of the unique situation. I didn’t have to work on that day, so I was up and ready to go at 6 am. I took a shower and breakfast before my friend arrived to pick me up. The two of us planned to head every dispensary within 30 miles. Unfortunately, my friend called to cancel because his car broke down. I was super bummed out and disappointed, but I didn’t want to lose out on the great sale prices. I decided to go online and order some items from the dispensary for delivery. The online order card was down all morning, because of the huge sale. By the time I placed my order, several of the specialty items were already out of stock. I still received 20% off my entire order, but I wanted to pick up a couple of grams of live resin and they were on sale for $25 that morning. Everything was completely out of stock by the time I actually accessed the website and placed my order. I had to settle for some live resin that was $40 with a discount.

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