The owner is visiting so we are cleaning

I have been employed by the same recreational and medical marijuana dispensary for the past three years.

I was really lucky to start at the dispensary when the place originally opened for business three years ago.

I worked hard to earn two promotions and I am currently the morning manager with keys to the store. The owner of this recreational and medical marijuana dispensary has three additional stores in the valley. The owner rarely comes to visit unless there is a problem. The owner decided to visit last week and we only had a couple of days to prepare. The cannabis shop was a mess and the storeroom was cluttered with cannabis products. The night time manager and I worked all day and all night to prepare the store for the owner’s visit. We balanced the books and cleaned the office. We organized all of the medical and recreational marijuana products and completely cleaned the storeroom. By the time the day arrived, we were well prepared. I wasn’t the only person disappointed when the owner called to cancel the surprise visit. She planned to be in town for another event, but the event was cancelled and she decided to use the day for other activities. We spent two whole days getting the cannabis shop ready for her visit and she cancelled in 5 minutes. It’s hard to be disappointed, because we didn’t have the stress of a visit. It still would have been nice for her to see the store in great shape. We worked hard to make it look good and we didn’t get any credit.


Blue dream