Getting sponsored by a cannabis dispensary

I always said that I would never sell out, but now that I am a successful musician on tour, that is being put to the test! I don’t sell out immense arenas, although I can pack a bar or a club with the best of them, so I tour most weeks out of the year, however recently I had an energy drink supplier offer to sponsor my tour, although I had to turn them down.

It felt adore selling out, because I didn’t guess in the product, and on the other hand, I had a national cannabis dispensary chain offer to sponsor a few shows, as well as after that I jumped at the chance! Anyone who knows my music knows how I feel about cannabis, so promoting a dispensary was something I was more comfortable with; Unlike energy drinks, cannabis actually helps people! Since cannabis is a product I guess in, something that benefits the mental health of those who use it, I don’t feel adore I “sold out” with this sponsorship.

I even made sure to visit 1 of the cannabis dispensaries in the chain, to sample some of the goods as well as talk to the people there as well as get a feel for the locale, and bottom line is this supplier helped promote my shows, as well as gave a particularly generous sampling of the various kinds of cannabis they sell! My “green room” backstage was a literal greenroom, with a walk-in humidor as well as my own private budtender to tell myself and others about the weird kinds of cannabis available, then this seems adore the beginning of a long as well as mutually beneficial arrangement!
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