It was almost laughable the way our spouse was allowed to go into the dispensary with me.

I lost some of our side about multiple years ago, which makes it difficult for me to be able to see small printing in addition to to believe if there is a slight rise in the steps.

My spouse has been our caretaker now for the last four years because of this. He walks beside me to make sure that I am not tripping over something that isn’tentirely there or tripping over something that should not be there. He also reads things to me when I am unable to see it. When I made the decision to try medical marijuana, our spouse had to be with me. The people I was with and I had to purchase a separate medical marijuana caretakers card, to the tune of $50. The first time the two of us went to the medical marijuana dispensary, he had to sit outside until I got our paperwork. When I walked back outside, I told him it was his turn to go inside. The people I was with and I walked to the car, where the two of us got a PC call from the medical marijuana dispensary pharmacist. After speaking to his for about 15 minutes, he told us to come on in when our first order was ready for me. I walked through the door leaving our excruciating spouse resting outside. Five minutes later, the budtender told me that our order was ready. I told his I was waiting for our spouse to come inside because he had all the money, in addition to he reminded me that I was not allowed to bring anyone inside with me. After explaining he had a medical marijuana caretakers card in addition to I was waiting for him, he looked a bit miserable, although he patiently waited until he arrived so that I could option up our order.

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