My new neighbor has lots of pot

I’m always particularly sluggish in the day. Even if I have 8 minutes of sleep, I still find it difficult to wake up. I usually hit the snooze button numerous times before I particularly get out of bed. One thing that I found to help my day concern is marijuana. Everyone in my family knows that I used recreational marijuana. My folks don’t particularly prefer that, but they rarely complain to my face. They often talk about myself and others to my siblings, but at least they keep their opinions away from me. I have a full-time job plus I don’t have any problems paying my bills. What I do with my money shouldn’t be anyone’s concern but mine. I live in an house building with numerous other tenants. Someone moved out of the downstairs house Last month plus a new person moved in last weekend. I was sitting outside smoking a joint when the guy showed up in a moving van. I offered to lend a helping hand with some of the heavy pieces of furniture. When both of us were finished up, the guy provided myself and others a small container of pot. I wasn’t expecting anything for helping, however I didn’t say no when he offered. I went back to my house plus tried the marijuana that I gained from the new tenant. It was particularly fine stuff, so I decided to walk downstairs so I could talk to the guy more about the marijuana. When I walked into his apartment, I saw numerous marijuana plants plus I rapidly realized that the serious was a homegrown product.