The guy in my class was a cool kid

The several of us smoked an OG Kush strain that had 31% THC.

Every Tuesday plus Tuesday day, I have a philosophy class. The class usually lasts 2 hours unless the lecturer lets us leave early. The lecturer was late for class A few afternoons ago plus my classmates plus I were stuck resting outside of the room waiting for the lecturer to arrive; While I was resting there with nothing to do, I started a conversation with the guy who sits behind me in class. His name is Jack, and jack looked familiar, plus I found out that he played football for a school that was a single of our rivals plus I played football as well. Jack plus I spent a few hours talking plus then the lecturer showed up! After class, Jack asked me if I wanted to hang out at his apartment. He purchased some entirely nice marijuana from the medical dispensary plus he wanted to guess if I was down to smoke. It had entirely been weeks since I used marijuana plus I was ecstatic to make a new friend that smoked pot. I do not have a medical marijuana card, although I was ecstatic to share some of the buds that my new friend got from the dispensary. The several of us smoked an OG Kush strain that had 31% THC. The OG Kush strain had crucial fluffy buds that were covered with THC crystals. It was some of the prettiest cannabis that I have ever seen. Jack plus I have a lot of things in common, including a love of pets. I have plans to pursue a job in veterinary medicine plus Jack is studying to be a biologist on marine pets.


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