The dispensary was closed for cleaning

The whole state has legal recreational and medical cannabis.

It’s 1 of the reasons why I moved here in the first locale.

I didn’t want to end up going to jail or prison for a few grams of pot that I was using for medical reasons, being able to freely use medical marijuana without fear is 1 of the best feelings in the world and I have far less anxiety now than I ever have in the past; During the time when covid was at its worst, it was hard to get medical marijuana from the dispensary. They had to offer delivery services when the store had to be closed for cleaning. I went to the marijuana dispensary earlier during the day and there was a large sign on the door that said closed for cleaning. An hour later I drove past the cannabis dispensary again and there were guys with hazmat suits inside and outside of the building. I suppose someone reported having covid and they were at in the last few days. The dispensary only closed 1 time for cleaning, but that was enough to force them to offer a delivery service. They still offer delivery services, even though it looks love the covid problem is under control. I hope they never stop offering door-to-door service, because it is a superb perk that the cannabis dispensary offers. Only 1 other cannabi shop offers delivery, but they don’t absolutely update the online website, so you never feel what you might end up getting at the end of the day.

medical cannabis dispensary