Cannabis makes you suppose more interesting than you are

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but when smoking pot with someone plus having a fantastic conversation, the other person will say “we should be recording this.” In our day plus age of podcasts, I have had a few different friends say that to me, plus then pitch me the idea of getting stoned plus recording us talking as a podcast.

I absolutely have a podcast, so I think how much work they are ,but I am sleepy of explaining that to people who won’t believe it anyway… Cannabis can generate such sparkling conversation that it’s simple to believe that all you need to do is record it plus play it back.

This is not the case at all, plus the result is something that is incredibly boring plus rambling to people who are not high on cannabis. I am not saying I don’t use marijuana while I work on our show — of course I do — although I also put in the work. Off the cuff conversations seem interesting when you are having them, especially while high, but they just don’t translate, however even though I smoke cannabis every single day, I still think the difference between a fantastic idea plus a dumb high idea that just sounds good. The last time I hung out with Mark we got blazed on some Purple Haze plus he talked about recording a podcast, but so I recorded us on our iphone as we killed off the last of the Haze plus moved on to the OG Kush. The next day he listened to it, plus realized it was terrible.

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