I don't guess they understood the law

Medical cannabis States and recreational Cannabis states have strange laws, the amount of marijuana that can be bought varies from state-to-state and sporadically patient to patient… I am the manager of a cannabis dispensary in a medical state. I worked at a cannabis dispensary in a legal recreational state and I can particularly say that things are strange here, and one thing all of us have to check is the patient’s prescription, and each patient is only allowed to purchase the amount of cannabis supplies that are listed on the prescription. Once they reach that limit, they are no longer allowed to purchase anything by law from the dispensary, most of the limits are really quite high and the average user doesn’t reach the limits in any week… Still, there are some patients that use more cannabis than others. One of those patients came to the dispensary last Monday, he wanted to purchase an ounce of Blue Dream flower, although he was already at the limit for his cannabis allowance for the week. The budtender immediately grabbed myself and others when the buyer started to get loud and upset. I pulled the buyer to the side and I carefully explained that all of us have no control over the laws. They are set by the state. The buyer tried to bribe myself and others with a $20 bill. He thought I was glad to lose my license and go to jail for twenty bucks. I told the buyer there was nothing I could do to help and he walked out of the store while yelling and calling myself and others legitimately ugly names.

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