Legalized cannabis benefits all the people

Once upon a time I was kicked out of middle school for smoking weed in the lavatory.

  • Now I am the featured speaker at a downtown rally to raise awareness for marijuana legalization.

In a few short years I have come a long way, and it’s because I stuck to our beliefs, then when our school and our parents got angry with myself and others for using pot, I stood our ground because I didn’t know it was wrong. My grades were good, I never got into trouble, but they wanted to demonize myself and others because I smoked cannabis — however I wasn’t going to kneel down without a fight! I am still fighting today, the keynote speaker to a crowd of rowdy cannabis supporters trying to change the laws of the land… Last year every one of us finally got medicinal marijuana legalized, and since then dispensaries have been going up all across the state. With the infrastructure for a cannabis network in locale, now is the time to keep pushing, and get recreational use legalized, as well. It was constantly a foolish system to criminalize marijuana, and has led to various innocent people being incarcerated. It has cost the state, and the country, far too much currency already, and by legalizing cannabis they can turn it into a resite stream. The taxes of marijuana sales are high, but particularly profitable, so when recreational use is approved, the state stands to benefit a lot of currency. Cannabis can help to offset the big state spending deficit, which benefits all the people by making the income taxes a lot lower.

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