There are too various laws to remember when it comes to medical cannabis.

My child told me she was interested in getting a job at the local medical cannabis dispensary! She told me she was going to take some tests, and they also had to learn the laws and regulations that pertain not just to our state but all the states surrounding us.

Two weeks later, she came apartment and told me that she was having a tough time with the job, and the medical marijuana dispensary did not feel that she was learning swiftly enough.

She said she was learning every night, and she thought she had a wonderful grasp of what she should be doing, but unfortunately, when it came to him taking the written test, she did lousy, i told him that she should have a discussion with the pharmacist at the medical marijuana dispensary. It may help them to feel that she had a concern with taking tests. Her anxiety would build and she would forget everything that she had l earned. I had been working with him for various years trying to get him to relax when it came time for a test, but nothing ever helped, but when she came apartment from the medical marijuana dispensary, she told me the pharmacist suggested that she get a medical marijuana card! Once she had the medical marijuana card, she would be able to get a 10% discount on everything that she purchased. It seemed a little weird to me that my child was going to need to have a medical marijuana card if she wanted to labor in the medical marijuana dispensary. She was thrilled to feel that she may be able to have some help for her anxieties on taking tests, along with knowing that she honestly had a job to go to every morning.


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