I have problems with my liver absorbing THC

I was eager to try cannabis once it was legalized in my state.

I have chronic pain from a back injury I sustained years ago and it is debilitating on a daily basis.

Although this qualified me for getting a medical marjuana before card when my state first approved medical cannabis, I couldn’t afford the doctor’s fees and the price to recertify the card every single year with the state. It’s already hard enough as it is to stay employed with my debilitating pain, leaving me on a limited budget that I have to stretch as far as I possibly can. When I buy cannabis, I look at all of the local dispensaries online to see if any are running sales. If I’m smart about where I shop, usually I can get discounts every single time. There’s nothing better than picking up a half-ounce of marijuana flower buds for less than $73 because of some great deal going on. I have tried using cannabis edibles although I don’t think my liver absorbs THC whenever I consume it. I found this out after reading posts from other users online describing their frustrations with weed edibles. Taking over 100mg of THC at once should throw anyone without a large weed tolerance off their feet. But no matter how much I increase my doses, there are little to no effects compared to vaping and smoking. While I can’t prove definitively that my liver doesn’t absorb THC, it seems like that is a better explanation than any other. I have done everything from fasting to purposefully eating fatty foods, but neither helped increase the effects when consuming cannabis edibles. That’s okay because I would rather vaporize or smoke cannabis anyway, as it’s my favorite way to consume the plant.

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