Getting stoned before church

My wife got really big into church about two years ago, right around the time the quarantine hit home.

Before that she would go to church a few times a year, and drag me along once or twice.

Then she got depressed due to the state of the world, being locked away inside for so long, and that’s when she found religion for real. Now that the church is open again she goes every Sunday, and is pushing me harder and harder to go with her. When I do go, I spend a few minutes smoking cannabis first, to get my head in the right place. It took a few times to find the perfect blend to use for church, and I ended up settling on a mild Indica strain. At first I was smoking cannabis Sativa before going to church, and that was definitely the wrong choice. Sativa makes my brain more active, and gives me greater focus, which is great for when I am playing video games but not for this. Using an Indica strain of cannabis mellows me out, calms my nerves, and makes me feel lethargic, and that is the perfect mood for church. It’s great, because everyone at church is lethargic, so no one realizes I am blazed out of my mind on cannabis. The only one who knows is my wife, and although she doesn’t love it, she prefers me smoking cannabis and coming with her over me staying home and sleeping in. I am hoping it’s temporary, but as long as I’m high I can handle it.


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