Using cannabis is a fun and unique experience

I have ideas that come from lots of different places.

It is always my experience to look for things and never write too hard. I experience and also opened my eyes to everyday things that happened. There are bound to be something to inspire the writer and all of us. The people I was with and also myself have found ideas for ridiculous horror movies while sitting in the traffic or even walking our pet or doing dishes. On a personal note there are even some conversations I might over here that leads to something completely brilliant. There is cannabis in my mind in this keeps me in a constant state of being ready. The people around here think that marijuana smokers are sick potheads that have slow wits, however, the people I was with and myself heartily and honestly disagree with that entire sentiment. Cannabis will make any slacker worse, but cannabis can also make a creative person much more creative. This is the outcome that happens for the people I was Within Myself. We are already the type of person to be creative and when we don’t waste any time and care for writing, cannabis can be one great tool. I believe that alcohol makes my senses doll and also depresses my mind, but cannabis strains like purple haze or blue dream is perfect for opening my eyes up to a new way to write and it always gives me a ton of ideas. I won’t give up smoking cannabis for anyone.