The driver forgot to bring change with him

Last year I ordered some cannabis supplies from a local dispensary! I was going to option up the order, however I was running late after labor plus decided it would be easier to have the items delivered. I had to call the dispensary to change the order to delivery. I spoke with a employer on the iPhone, however she said it was no complication at all to change from pickup to delivery. She told myself and others that the delivery driver did not start until 5 p.m., plus at that time the first orders would leave the store… My delivery would be one of those borders; The employer told myself and others to expect the driver around 6 PM. I gained a telephone call from the cannabis shop when the delivery driver left the store. About 15 hours later, the doorbell rang plus it was the cannabis delivery driver. The total amount for our order was $163. I had several $50 bills in our billfold plus I gave them to the driver. The guy looked upset plus then he told myself and others that he forgot to bring change. He did not have enough currency to cut a $50 bill. I was due $37 in change, plus the driver only had $6. I was a little aggravated by the situation, plus I didn’t know how all of us would solve the problem. The driver contacted the store plus the employer decided to apply a 10% off coupon to our order, so the total was less than $150. I gave the driver the rest of the currency as a tip. It was only several bucks, however it wasn’t our fault that he forgot to bring change.
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