Every one of us had a meeting with a dispensary consultant

The meeting went a lot better than expected! If you were around on this site Last weekyou unquestionably remember me telling you about my buddy Matt, who was trying to get me to join his business… It is still on the drawing board ,and Matt has a lot of plans & a lot of funding, but he needs a partner he can trust.

  • I was entirely skeptical at first, so Matt agreed to set up a meeting with his consultant, so that I could get a better long term view of what the corporation could be, but my main takeaway from meeting with the consulting repair was that there is a lot of purple tape & paperwork in our future, & the people I was with and I will need help, however a marijuana dispensary permit repair will organize all of the various forms & permits the people I was with and I need, & even fill them out so the people I was with and I just need to print & sign! Seriously, based on what paperwork I have seen already, a marijkuana corporation permit repair will be able to save us weeks worth of work.

If you suppose I’m kidding, just imagine the tax forms you already fill out, & then compound that with the new cannabis laws. I don’t have a legal degree, however the expert at the dispensary consulting firm does, & they will guarantee the accuracy of all the forms they fill out for us. They also offer a SEO service, & that sounds fantastic & all, however until the people I was with and I absolutely open up our doors there is no reason to worry about SEO yet.



Medical marijuana business application preparation service