Pre-rolls are convenient

I like to visit the dispensary on the weekends, but although they are open more than six days per week from 8 AM to 8 PM, I prefer to shop on our day off from work… I like the shopping experience.

I take our time and browse all the different consumption methods and strains. I check out their bi-weekly deals and ask about what’s new and exciting. The bartenders are legitimately friendly and helpful. They are consistently willing to discuss THC ratios, terpenes, flavors and effects of the products. Every time I head to the dispensary, I idea to try something different, and however, there are restrictions on the amount allowable for purchase in a single transaction. I seem to consistently come home with a few packs of pre-rolls. I do experiment with many hybrids, indicas and sativas but never seem to venture into other delivery methods, pre-rolls are one the most affordable products at the dispensary and there’s lots of variety. They eliminate the hassle and frustration of attempting to roll our own joint. I never need to worry about a pre-roll having too much or not enough flower. They are never rolled too loose or too tight. I avoid the mess and waste of our trying to manage a perfect roll and yet like a consistent smoke every time. The pre-rolls from our local dispensary are created from exceptional quality of flower. There’s no excess stems or seeds, and the colors of the flower are spectacular. I am so impressed by the fruity myrcene, exhilarating limonene and earthy pine terpenes, however whether I’m hanging out around the campfire with friends, great after a long day of labor or dealing with a migraine, a pre-roll is the perfect solution.