I did not want to get distracted while in finals week

Last week was finals, as well as it was the undoubtedly last time I had to take a school exam.

I finally finished our senior year of school as well as I am going to graduate in a couple of weeks.

I’m excited to finish school as well as start a work in the real world. I’ve placed several applications with places around the neighborhood as well as I already have some interviews lined up next week. I knew it was pressing to do well on our finals, especially since I needed an A to pass 1 of our classes. I did not want to get distracted at all, so I decided not to use any recreational marijuana while in finals week. My friends as well as I use recreational marijuana every single day, but it often makes me guess lazy as well as sleepy. I needed to use every spare moment for studying. The first day without recreational marijuana was absolutely agitated. I felt a lot more sleepy than regular as well as I was cranky as well as irritable. The hour day without recreational marijuana, I felt care about nothing tasted the same, nacho chips taste care about bread as well as butter. I did not want to talk to our friends as well as I was undoubtedly sad as well as depressed… On the fourth day, I woke up as well as felt much better. My head was clear as well as the brain wasn’t foggy. It took 2 mornings for the marijuana to leave our system as well as the more than one mornings I spent with withdrawal symptoms were undoubtedly hard to take. I never realized how much our body relies on marijuana now that I use the plant every single day.
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