A new outlook on life

The idea that I would ever be shopping in a cannabis store for cannabis flower products was not at all in the realm of possibility. That’s because I could hardly leave our house to do any kind of shopping, much less go to a legal weed store. But that is exactly what has happened once I chose to try treating our chronic anxiety with medical weed. My anxiety started in college plus has simply grown to the point that I have to work from home. Prior to helping it with medical marijuana, I was nearly totally on my own. The medical professional was sort of out of ideas when it came to prescription medicine so she just increased the dosages. That triggered some side effects that I simply was unable to reside with. So with the help of our therapist, I started to figure out how to get a medical weed card. My therapist had given me some cannabis information some time ago however I hadn’t acted on it. After the problems with the prescription meds, I felt like I had to give medical cannabis a try. And I’m so very thankful that I did just that. Since starting with the cannabis flower products advised by the legal weed store, the results were staggering. Like, I can hardly think this is our life now. I can really leave our house, get in our vehicle plus go anywhere to the cannabis dispensary. I even attended a meeting at work that would have been unthinkable just a few short months ago. Medical marijuana benefits are real plus medical cannabis has helped me to completely shape my life.


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