Finding a boutique cannabis dispensary

My husband and I move around every couple of weeks.

We sold our house and moved into an RV for the sake of travelling all over the country.

One of our favorite advantages of the RV is the ability to change scenery. Being mobile, we take advantage of the best weather in different areas. We recently travelled to a state that has legalized recreational marijuana. We deciced to spend more time in this area. My husband and I use medical marijuana for separate reasons. I struggle with arthritis in in my fingers and insomnia. My husband deals with migraines. We immediately looked for the closest dispensary. There are online apps that help with this. We were able to pinpoint several local dispensaries and checkout their menus online. My husband and I have found that we prefer cannabis dispensaries that take their cannabis from seed to sale. The growing and cultivating process makes a difference in the terpenes and THC content. We’ve seen that the boutique dispensaries tend to offer some unique strains. This particular dispensary was a mom and pop operation. Their selection was impressive. We were able to shop sales on flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals and concentrates. They also had a special on pre-rolls. Buying a single pre-roll is inexpensive and makes it easy to try new things. My husband and I purchased our limit. We were so happy with the quality of the cannabis products and taste of the edibles that we decided to linger in the area a bit longer than we planned. We really appreciated the assistance of the budtender, reasonable prices and amazing terpenes.

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