I heard a rumor about myself this week at work

When you work with a lot of different people, rumors can get started very easily.

I’ve been employed at my job for the past six months, and this week I heard a rumor about myself at work.

A new employee started at this cannabis dispensary location. She didn’t know much about me at all, but she started a conversation with me in the break room. He told me about a rumor that she heard about another employee and it was very clear the employee was me. There was absolutely no other way she could have been referring to someone else. I don’t know who started the rumor, but I tried to get as much information from the girl as possible. She was quite embarrassed and upset when she realized that I was the person she was talking about. I have a pretty good idea who started the rumor. A couple of weeks ago,I saw another employee taking some things out of the shop. Her jacket pockets were filled with cannabis concentrate jars and I knew she didn’t pay for them. I reported the employee to the manager and she got fired. Her boyfriend still works here and he is likely the person that started all of the rumors. Everytime we work on the same shift, he stares and gives me dirty looks. I’m half afraid the guy is going to slash my tires or key my car. I guess the next best thing is telling everyone at the cannabis shop that I smoke meth on the weekends while my kids are with their father.

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