I made brownies with reclaim and my coworkers were really buzzed

Each week, my co-workers and I bring different treats for why.

Last Friday was my day and I decided to make some brownies with reclaim. All of my co-workers use recreational or medical marijuana. We all work at a dispensary. On our lunch break, we often smoke joints in the back parking lot where none of the patients can see us. I had two grams of reclaim from vaping concentrate and I mixed the reclaim with some coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great thing to mix with reclaimed, because it firms up as it cools down. A lot of recipes can be made with this coconut oil and reclaim mixture. I decided to make a whole batch of brownies. I added chocolate chips, walnuts, and caramel coating on top that was infused with distillate. Before I left the apartment, I figured out the total mg of THC per brownie. It was very high at 48. I wrote the THC number on the outside of the package and I also wrote the words be careful. When I got to work, I told all of my co-workers that the brownies were available. A couple of my co-workers were really buzzed. I counted 48 mg of THC on each brownie, but my math could have been a little wrong. The brownies were certainly better than anything that can be purchased in the dispensary. That’s the entire reason why we started making our own edibles at home. There aren’t many things in the dispensary that taste good and have a high amount of THC.

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