It was my first time at a medical marijuana dispensary.

It took me a long time to get my medical marijuana card.

I procrastinated for two years because I was afraid I would become a pothead.

I didn’t want anyone who knew me to see me going into or coming out of a marijuana dispensary. I had always shook my head when I saw a friend or family member lighting up. I couldn’t stand the smell of marijuana and the taste it left in my mouth, just from the residual smoke, made me nauseous. I knew that if anyone knew I had a medical marijuana card, they would think of me as a hypocrite. When I finally got the medical marijuana card, I waited weeks before going to marijuana dispensary. Then, one day, I was in town and saw the marijuana dispensary across the street from where I was. I walked over to the dispensary and went in. I had to show my card twice before I was allowed into the actual dispensary. After talking to a pharmacist and getting my first products, I walked up to pay. I saw a sign behind the counter that was showing how easy it was to sign up for marijuana delivery services. I asked how to sign up for the delivery services and the budtender gave me a card. That was my first and only trip to the marijuana dispensary. I was now using the marijuana delivery services for everything. If I had known they had marijuana delivery services when I first talked about getting a medical marijuana card, I wouldn’t have put it off for two years. Marijuana delivery services have made my life less complicated.



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