My dream gardening job

I got lucky, in that I stumbled into my dream job.

I owe it all to my cousin Pat, who took me under his wing and gave me a chance.

Thanks to Pat I learned that sometimes being loyal to your friends and family can pay off huge dividends. I am not the smartest guy, nor am I particularly tough. But I am reliable, and Pat knew he could trust me, so he brought me into his business and I made sure he would never regret that. Pat was a cannabis farmer, and I was the type of guy who never even touched the stuff. That actually worked in my favor, because Pat wanted workers he knew wouldn’t steal any of his cannabis. You might think “how could working a marijuana crop be your dream job if you don’t smoke the stuff?” Well, because I love gardening, I love working with my hands, I love being outside, and farming cannabis pays about ten times better than being a gardener. Although cannabis plants would not be my first choice for my own private crops, I get paid to garden and that is a dream come true. Besides, Pat gave me my own patch of land around the outskirts of the cannabis field that I can use to grow vegetables or whatever else I want. These crops will provide more cover for the cannabis plants, and eventually give us a ton of great food to eat! If I ever do decide to start smoking marijuana, I will get a lifetime supply for free.


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