The convenience of pre-rolls

When I first started shopping at the dispensary, I only purchased loose flower.

I prefer conventional smoking as a delivery method.

Inhaling the smoke might not be the healthiest delivery method, but I enjoy it. Cannabis isn’t as harmful on my lungs as tobacco, and it provides a long list of benefits. I always preferred to roll my own joints. Although I’m fairly good at the process, the joints rarely turned out perfectly. There was often too much or little flower packed into the joint. I sometimes rolled them too tight or too loose and always created a mess. There was quite a bit of waste. Whenever I wanted to smoke, I’d first need to spend the time constructing the joint and then deal with the cleanup. That isn’t always convenient. I don’t always have the extra time. Because of this, I finally agreed to the budtenders’ suggestions and bought some pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are simply cannabis flower all rolled up and ready to smoke. They are reasonably priced and available in singles and packs. While it’s cheaper to buy a pack, the singles allow me to try new strains and terpenes without a huge investment. The benefit of pre-rolls is that they are always perfect. Each one is consistent and there’s no question of how much THC or CBD I’m getting. The packages provide all the information. With a pre-roll, all I need to have is a lighter, and I’m all set. They are very portable and provide the same enjoyment as rolling my own joint. It’s just a lot more convenient.
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