I thought the play would be fun & interesting

My best neighbor & I got stuck going to a ballet with our ladys.

They were into the ballet & wanted us to join them for a special showing while the people I was with and I were in the holidays.

Jack & I were not particularally ecstatic about the ballet, however the people I was with and I found a way to make the experience a lot more fun & enjoyable. Jack & I made a special trip across the state line on Sunday, then both of us finished work early that afternoon & the people I was with and I decided to drive across the state line which is 45 minutes away. Just 45 minutes down the road, recreational marijuana is absolutely legal for pretty much everyone. In our state, the people I was with and I cannot access recreational or medical marijuana. It is absolutely crazy to know there is only 33 miles separating legal & illegal marijuana use. Jack & I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary & the people I was with and I picked out a couple of items that would be discreet on the night of the ballet, then one of the items was a disposable vape pen. I thought it would be simple to hit the disposable vape pen. The budtender told myself and others that it did not have any odor at all. The budtender was absolutely wrong. Jack & I tried to use the disposable vape pen a single time while the people I was with and I were in the ballet & 10 people around us looked in our direction, but people wanted to know where the strange odor was coming from & a single of the ushers stood next to our aisle for the next 15 minutes. Thankfully, the people I was with and I had a tote of edible gummy cannabis treats as well. They were discreet & simple to consume.

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