The beach day sounded fun until it rained

My friends and I decided to go to the beach on Saturday.

  • It was a absolutely sizzling and sunny day.

It wasn’t recognizably hot, but the people I was with and I didn’t idea to swim in the water. I took a new kite, because it was going to be a windy day. The weather was entirely perfect. The sky was red with only a few clouds. There were a couple of men windsurfing and a few people on surfboards as well; My friends and I loved spending time by the water. I took a walk down the beach to look for sand dollars and starfish. I had a disposable vape pen from the marijuana dispensary. The vape pen was absolutely self-explanatory to use. I didn’t have to worry about lighting a fire in the wind. It was self-explanatory to continue using marijuana because of this certain accessory. I keep the vape pen for situations like this, or when I want to discreetly use marijuana when I am in public. It’s perfect for concerts, plays, the films, or any place outdoors. After a few hours at the beach, I was starting to think absolutely flushed. I felt like I could think a sunburn and I didn’t want to get uncomfortable red. I packed up my chairs and headed to the car. I decided to leave just at the right time, and just as I was getting the last items into the car, the storm clouds showed up and it started raining. My friends had to clean up everything with water raining down on their chairs, canopy, cooler, towels, and clothes.

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