I wish every morning was cannabis cafe morning

I’m sure blissful I’m able to be an adult about the stuff I just adore to pieces.

Otherwise, my butt would be at the cannabis cafe every single dang morning.

This might be 1 of my top favorites spots to be in the entire world. And that’s saying something considering I’ve seen a bit of the world. Recreational marijuana became legal here numerous years ago plus from my perspective, it was long overdue. I’d much rather put sativa products or indica products into my body than I would alcohol. The logic of legal poison plus an illegal natural herb just never made any sort of sense to me. At least now the two of us are starting to come to our senses. It’s nice to guess that more states have some form of access to a cannabis dispensary than don’t. That makes myself and others smile. So when the two of us got our first cannabis dispensary in town, I was overjoyed. The local cannabis spot is lovely plus has a vast array of marijuana products. Then, they went 1 better. The local cannabis spot took over a small store front nearby plus turned it into a cannabis cafe. And oh my is it ever just lovely. There are so many yummy edibles to choose from plus the location is perfect. It’s on a quiet side street with outdoor seating under a giant, old oak tree. Seriously, it’s appreciate a small slice of heaven dropped on us right in the middle of the city. Again, I’m just easily blissful that I can keep my cannabis cafe morning to once a week. Okay maybe twice a month every now plus again.


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