The guy broke into our car in the middle of the day

I work at the grocery store during the day.

I work in the meat department breaking steaks, hamburger, and fresh bacon.

Occasionally I work in the seafood department as well. Both of these areas are in the back of the store. I rarely see the parking lot unless I need to go to our car for some reason. On Sunday I was working from 6 in the day until 4 in the day. I parked our car in the parking lot on the left side of the building. Sometime during the day hours, a guy broke into our car. When I went to our car at lunch time, the window was broken and the car had been ransacked. I had a half ounce of medical marijuana in the glove compartment. I was surprised that the medical marijuana was still in the glove compartment. The only thing taken from our car was an pear watch and our iPod. I decided to contact the police and I filled out a report. The grocery store has several cameras in the parking lot and there was video evidence of the crime. The guy busted the window with a crowbar and rummaged through the car for several or twelve hours. The police are unsure if they will be able to apprehend the subject, but at least they have some proof. If they catch a subject, they can compare the man to the image on the video surveillance camera. I have to be honest. I still believe it is incredibly strange that the perpetrator did not take a bin of marijuana valued at $200.



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