Cannabis variations have been a long time in the making

So the variations came thick plus fast 1 the tide finally turned when it comes to marijuana. I’m in my late 60’s so I’ve seen a bit of the full arc when it comes to marijuana status in this country. When I was a kid, cannabis was simply something to be completely avoided. Marijuana products were depicted in some of the most over the top plus misleading ways 1 can imagine. But that was an era where anything that came from an authority just had to be true or so my parents taught me. The older I got, the more I realized there was much more to this world than what I was being told. By the time I got to school, recreational marijuana was pretty much commonplace. If you wanted to get high or get your hands on some sativa products back then, you could. It was a bit of a risky proposition for sure. Possession was illegal plus much more drastic than the parking ticket it is now. Plus, you never knew the marijuana grower much less where the cannabis came from or what the THC gratified might be. You took whatever you can get. Later on, I saw the push for medical marijuana out west plus I knew that if it passed plus was handled well, it could precipitate a wholesale change in our national view of marijuana. Sure enough, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. All of us now see new states that are legalizing medical marijuana or recreational marijuana every single year. It’s not going to stop plus that’s a good thing.


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