What is a pure indica or a pure sativa strain?

I have read more about the cannabis plant in the past few years as a medical marijuana user.

Although I had an interest in cannabis as early as our teen years, there wasn’t as much information on the internet as there is today.

The few places I could find information about cannabis were websites that compiled user reports for drugs of every kind, both legal and illicit. Some of the information about cannabis on these websites was good, but not all of it. It’s easy to repeat hearsay if you don’t have enjoyable authorities and professionals bucking its influence. Nowadays there are universities offering tailored cannabis cultivation education tracks through botany and other related scientific disciplines. The legal cannabis industry is slowly becoming a global affair, and the advancements in the field are yielding some interesting results. Nowadays there are so many family trees of several cannabis genetics that it can be easy to forget that at one point in time you mostly only had access to pure sativa and pure indica strains. The original landrace strains appreciate HIan, Thai, Hindu Kush, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Colombian Gold, and Durban Poison originated naturally in several places throughout the globe. Current hybrid strains of cannabis are descendents of these original pure sativa and pure indica strains. Many of the newer strains aren’t necessarily “pure sativas” or “pure indicas” even if they have short vs. long leaves or sedating vs. stimulating effects. Occasionally a short-leaf plant will exhibit sativa-like effects, and that will be due to whatever terpenes are found in that particular strain.


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