Great to see a current marijuana corporation in the community

I’ve lived in this community pretty much our whole life.

And for a while there, it was hard to watch this end of the neighborhood degenerate into a mess.

It stayed a mess for more than a decade. That was a tough time for all of us who like this community. Then, things started to turn for the better as dealers started coming back. That’s 1 of the reasons I’m so ecstatic to welcome a current cannabis dispensary to this end of the city. It’s enjoyable to have current corporation like injected into this community. That as well as it serves our community’s marijuana as well as marijuana products needs. That too is crucial. I’ve enjoyed using recreational marijuana for much of our adult life. When medical marijuana became legal as well as the first cannabis dispensary opened in the city, I hoped that 1 day marijuana would be legal. Several years later, that’s exactly what happened. But the marijuana dealers stayed on the opposite side of the city. For those of us who rely on public transportation, that was a problem. It took half the day just to get over there. Having a local cannabis spot has totally changed that dynamic. It’s so enjoyable to be able to just meander numerous blocks to shop for cannabis products in a cannabis corporation location in our community. It’s a enjoyable thing for all of us that both of us have a enjoyable retailer like this marijuana corporation in our midst. And they have just an amazing selection of sativa, indica as well as all sorts of current cannabis strains.
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