My car needs a new A/C motor

The last couple of weeks the un-even temperatures outside have been honestly warm plus humid.

The weekly un-even temperatures are around 110 degrees.

I have been running the A/C motor a lot, because I am regularly inside of my truck. I work as a delivery driver for a medical plus recreational cannabis dispensary. I am inside of my vehicle throughout most of the 6 hour shift that I work each day. I regularly run the AC, even when the sun goes down. It’s still around 90 degrees at 10 p.m. plus the recreational plus medical cannabis dispensary is open until 1 AM. A few days ago I noticed the A/C wasn’t blowing honestly hard. I had the component on the highest setting plus the fan wasn’t laboring properly. I was worried the A/C would split down in the middle of the desert, so I asked a friend of mine who is a mechanic to look at the car. He told me that it needs a brand new A/C motor. The motor will eventually quit plus it is entirely going to occur any day. My friend offered me an quote to have the work done. If I pay for the parts on my own, my friend will complete the replacement for a honestly low fee. In fact, he offered to trade the service for marijuana from the dispensary. The guy offered me a list of stuff that he likes. Since I get a discount on every product in the store, I might absolutely save money if I trade marijuana for the car repairs.

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