The neighborhood officials refuse to permit our farm because I am not fifty yards from the highway

There is a law in this neighborhood that marijuana cannot be grown 50 yards from the highway; All marijuana farms have to be at least fifty yards from the highway or neighborhood street, but my property line is exactly 48 yd from the closest highway; When I applied for a permit to grow marijuana, the neighborhood officials sent someone out to the property for measurements, but i hoped they would measure from the street, but they measured from the start of the sidewalk, the extra 6 ft made a crucial difference.

The neighborhood officials refused to permit our farm, because I am not 50 yards from the highway.

I already had everything set up and ready to grow marijuana. I truthfully did not think I would have a problem with the permits. When the neighborhood gave myself and others a taxing time, I found a lawyer that specializes in cannabis law and legal problems. I spoke with the lawyer about the marijuana farm and the lady felt that she could help myself and others win the case! He came to the farm to take a bunch of pictures. The lawyer called another cannabis consulting firm and they came to the property as well. The lawyers talked for many hours and agreed that the neighborhood was overstepping their boundaries. The lawyer agreed to handle the case. He sent letters to the department. Two weeks later, the neighborhood officials signed the permit for our farm, contacting the Cannabis consultant was a single of the best ideas I had. The lawyers helped and only charged a small fee for their services.

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