The driver looked drenched when he arrived with the cannabis

I absolutely did not want to leave the house on Saturday. It was extremely windy, cold, and the rain was falling lightly. I was low on cannabis concentrate supplies, so I contemplated going to the dispensary in town. I didn’t want to pay the delivery fee, but after the rain started to get heavier, I decided to order from the dispensary. I picked out several different cannabis concentrates. One jar of concentrate was a live resin product called diamonds and sauce. The product has a 96% THC level and the sauce has a delicious flavor because of the terpenes. Another product was a live resin Blue Dream shatter. I don’t love the consistency of shatter, but it is very odd to find Blue Dream Live resin in this particular brand. I really wanted to try the strain. By the time I finished adding all of the items to the cart, the rain was falling even harder. When the delivery driver arrived with my cannabis products, he was absolutely drenched. It is only a short walk from the driveway to the house, but the driver looked like he had been running in the rain for miles. The kid was wearing a hat, but his hair and shirt were soaked. He looked tired and miserable. I immediately felt bad for having the delivery driver come to the front door and I decided to give the kid a $20 tip instead of a $10 tip. I’m glad that I didn’t attempt to go out in the rain. Delivery was absolutely the best idea that night.

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