The man was acting completely bizarre

I never think what kind of customer I will encounter when I am delivering a cannabis order! Some customers are young and some customers are old.

  • Some of my customers order cannabis for recreational reasons and others are using the plant as medicine, however on Monday morning I took a cannabis order out to the valley.

That customer ordered numerous different items and the total for the Cannabis order was well over $300… I had a couple of grams of wax and live resin. The customer also ordered a disposable vape 10 and a half ounce of dried marijuana flower. I contacted the telephone number of the customer before I left the cannabis shop, both of us reviewed the items in the order and talked about substitutions. Then I gave the customer the total. I reminded the customer that all of us only accept currency, however when I arrived at the address, the man was acting completely bizarre. She would not open the door and expected me to complete the transaction through the petgie door in the backyard. I wanted the man to supply me the currency first, although he wanted me to show his every item inside of the basket before he would send the currency through the petgie door. It was a single of the strangest interactions I have ever had with a client. I’m sure the man was deranged and out of his mind, although I can’t complain much because he tipped me really well. She ordered $300 worth of cannabis supplies and gave me a $20 tip after the strange exchange at the petgie door.


Cannabis delivery