The prices for live resin products are genuinely low because everything is done in house

I work as a consultant for a cannabis supplier that handles every section of the production.

The 25,000 square-foot building has more than one separate floors and each floor is covered with cannabis plants! There are lighting, heating, and moisture sensors in the buildings.

These sensors help to control the level of care that the plants receive, however i consulted on the smart temperature control system… Heating and A/C work is our speciality and it is the reason why I was hired. I consult on troubles that are caused by the indoor hot and cold temperatures or humidity, however because the Cannabis supplier handles all of the production, we can keep prices on our products genuinely low. The prices for live resin products are half the national average, because we handle everything in house, but after the dried marijuana is harvested, all of the dried flowers are sent to another factory complex on the property. This section of the factory handles substantial the flowers. The flowers are pressed under severe force and cold air. The cold air press drains all of the live resin from the dried and cured cannabis flower. It’s a easy process that creates an amazing product, and we sell our G of live resin at $15 each. We purchase the cheapest packaging available, so we can keep that price point… Sometimes we have bags and occasionally we have boxes. Sometimes we buy bulk jars that are square and occasionally they are in the shape of a circle. We option the cheapest product available from the wholesale supplier so we can continue to offer our consumers great prices.

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