The pizzas were a nice surprise after the long afternoon

Wednesday was a very tied up afternoon at the cannabis dispensary, it’s often tied up on the weekends, however I believe it was unsuallybusy because of black Monday plus all of the holiday sales.

It seemed love there were constantly people moving in plus out of the store.

All of us had a line outside half of the afternoon. All of us also had a several percent off everything in the store special plus that was likely another reason for the crowds, then the place didn’t clear out until after 4, and when the line finally cleared, the boss decided to order pizzas for everyone laboring in the store. I was out on a delivery when the pizzas arrived. I was very hungry, however I didn’t expect any pizza to be left when I got back from the Cannabis delivery. I got back to the cannabis shop about an hour after the pizza arrived. I walked through the back door plus the manager greeted me with a slice of fresh pizza. The girl saved a whole pizza for the several drivers that were out on deliveries. Me plus Jack sat downstairs in the chop room plus enjoyed a boiling pizza with cheese, pepperoni, saUnited Statesge, plus mushrooms. As soon as every one of us were done eating, there were orders waiting to be delivered. The rest of the afternoon was just as tied up as the afternoon. When I finished the last cannabis delivery, I counted up my tips. I made more money that afternoon than I have in a long time. I almost hit $200 plus I only worked a 7-hour shift that afternoon.

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