Breaking the cycle thanks to the cannabis dispensary

Feeling good about myself, life, work and relationships had been a totally foreign element in my life until I started treating with medical marijuana.

Throughout my life, I’ve been hobbled by anxiety and depression.

It’s sort of been a default setting as I can’t remember not dealing with a high degree of anxiety. And all that anxiety leads to isolation, doubt, fear and the pain of deep depression. It’s a cycle that I’ve lived over and over thousands of times during my life. But with access to the cannabis dispensary, I’m now actually splitting that cycle. Cannabis flower products are the first medicine I’ve used that actually changes things for me. The antidepressants and anti anxiety meds had some positive effect but never really broke through that cycle of anxiety and depression. Fortunately, my sister has constantly been an immense support and has constantly been on the lookout for me when it comes to treating my anxiety. She’s the one who figured out how to get a medical marijuana card for me. And she took me to the legal weed store the first time to ensure that I came away with the cannabis products that would help me. That first evening, my sister was there for what felt like a complete epiphany. Medical marijuana simply changed a perspective, a chemical reaction in my brain or something. From that evening forward, life has been something I feel like I can actually embrace and enjoy. Wow, what a feeling that is. I’m so thankful to my sister and to the fact that I have access to the cannabis products that have completely changed the game for me.



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