Can you get high on CBD?

The same budtender was there when I bought the CBD.

I swore that the CBD I bought a couple weeks ago made me high. I know that when I talked to the budtender in the marijuana dispensary that she told me I couldn’t get high on just CBD. To be honest with you, I think she was wrong. I took two of the CBD gummies out of the packet and ate them. Within an hour, I felt nothing, but the budtender told me it could take up to two hours, so I waited patiently. After two hours, I still felt nothing from the CBD gummies. I thought they may be stale, so I opened a new pack of gummies and ate two of them. An hour later, I was feeling light-headed and more than a little disoriented. I remembered I had been told that CBD couldn’t get you high, but I was definitely feeling high. The next day, I took my two packets of CBD gummies to the marijuana store, so I could ask some questions. I walked in and sat the packets on the counter. The same budtender was there when I bought the CBD. I asked if she remembered me asking if I can get high on CBD? She told me she didn’t remember if it was me, but someone had asked the question. I tossed the packets down and told her I got high. After several questions about how many I had taken and when, she looked at the packages and asked which I had used first. I had used full THC gummies the second time, which I had bought several weeks earlier from a different dispensary.
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